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UMFFinist History
2015    Pre Actress LEE Da-hee, Mountaineer UM Hong-gil

UMFFinists of Ulju Mountain Film Pre-festival 2015 were UM Hong-gil, the world famous mountaineer beyond Korea, and LEE Da-hee, the on-coming rising actress with her performances in various works. UM Hong-gil is truly the world-class mountaineer; the first man to climb the world’s 16 highest peaks in the Himalaya. He is the General Director of the UM Hong-gil Human Foundation, and works on ‘Human Projects’ including the school building project for children in the Himalaya. LEE Da-hee plays the main role in Begin Again, the select of 2015 Ulju Summit, the supporting program for mountain films of Ulju Mountain Film Festival, this was her special encounter with the audiences of UMFF.

2016    1st Climber Kim Jain, Actor Seo Junyoung

The UMFFinists of the 1st Ulju Mountain Film Festival were Kim Jain, the best female climber in the world, and Seo Junyoung, an actor who establishes a solid foothold with stable acting.
Kim Jain, taking the top position at the rank of the IFSC, is definitely the best female climber. She doesn’t only keeps training for herself, but also struggles to popularize sport climbing through multiple routes.
Since Seo Junyoung was known to the world when he did his role quite well in Bleak Night(2010), he has been active on both screen and TV. He appeared in Leesong Hee-il’s Following, made with support of the Ulju Summit 2016.

2017    2nd Mountaineer Kim Changho, Actress Ye Ji-won

We are proud to announce the UMFFinists of the 2nd Ulju Mountain Film Festival: Kim Changho, a true Alpinist of Korea, and Ye Ji-won, a charismatic actor whose story cannot be told without mentioning her appearance in a survival TV show called Law of the Jungle. Kim Chang-ho is a famous mountaineer known as the first Korean to summit the Himalaya’s 14 peaks higher than 8,000 meters in the shortest span of time and to forge a new route called “Korean Way” in the Himalayas in Nepal. He won Special Mention at the Piolets d'Or 2017 and the Korean Mountain Award. He is also dedicated to defining the mountaineering style of Korea and promoting the climbing history of Korea to the world. Ye Ji-won has starred in and played unique and lovable characters in numerous films and TV shows including Oh Hae-Young Again, Our Sunhi, and Nobody’s Daughter Haewon. Her energy that overwhelmed the entire jungle in Law of the Jungle brightened up the festival.

2018    3th An So-hee

Having surprised with her dynamic activities on screen and TV, An So-hee well suits the Ulju Mountain Film Festival, embarking on a new challenge this year.

2019    4th Actress JIN Ki-joo

Jin Ki-joo is known for her innocence and purity, an image that the film festival wants to portray. Jin is loved for her cheerful and lively acting, as well as for her many roles outside of acting. She conveyed her bright and cheerful energy to the audience at the 4th UMFF.

2020    5th Actress So Yu-jin

The 5th ambassador for the film festival, actress So Yu-jin, always exudes a positive and bright energy. She provides vitality and comfort to an audience tired of Covid-19.
An all-around entertainer who showcases her talents not only in films, but also in TV series and variety shows, So Yu-jin enjoys hiking with friends as a hobby.
Although the audience wasn’t be able to attend the 5th film festival in person due to the pandemic, So Yu-jin admirably fulfilled her role as the ambassador by actively promoting the festival and presenting great films through online activities.

2021    6th Actress SEOR In-a

Currently in the spotlight, actress Seor In-a cares for the environment and shares her healthy and vibrant energy with the audience of UMFF. Seor has made headlines in the past for her various activities in environmental protection. She is also known for being a sports fanatic. She brought her healthy and lively energy to the 6th Ulju Mountain Film Festival.

2022    7th Actress Park Gyu-ri

Dynamic actress, singer, and DJ, Park Gyu-ri continues to develop herself by tackling artistic activities for the environment. Not afraid of new challenges and confident in appearance, Park Gyu-ri resembles Ulju Mountain Film Festival with her spirit of aspiration and love of nature.

2023    8th Actress GO BO GYEOL

Go made her debut in 2013 with the short film Where is My DVD? And has since built her filmography by appearing in various TV series and films. She performed an impressive role as a clever class president in the TV series Guardian, and continued to captivate the audience with a range of charming characters in works such as Queen for Seven Days, Go Back, Hi Bye, Mama!, and The Heavenly Idol.

As someone who enjoys challenging herself through various outdoor sports, Go makes a perfect match with the spirit of UMFF in the beautiful Yeongnam Alps.

Honorary UMFFinist
2018~2022    Mountaineer Um Hong-gil

Having been a part of the UMFF since its very beginning, Um Hong-gil returns this year as UMFF’s honorary UMFFinist. As our honorary UMFFinist, Um continues to find different ways to promote the festival and encourage mountaineers to participate.