UMFF 2023. 10. 20 - 10. 29

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UMFF Cinema and Alps Cinema 1, 2, 3, 4 in the Yeongnam Alps Welcome Center! Taehwa River Cinema in the Taehwagang River National Park! And don’t forget UMFF on Air! Many exciting programs are planned for the 8th Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival. Join us for the 10 days of screen viewings, experiential programs, and Bivouac Screenings.

Theater Guide

Venue   Theater Duration Seating
Yeongnam Alps Welcome Center Fit up Theater UMFF Cinema Oct. 20(Fri)~Oct. 29(Sun) non-designated seats

*Opening and Closing Ceremonies will provide designated seating for individuals with disabilities
  Indoor Alps Cinema 1 designated seats
    Alps Cinema 2 designated seats
  Outdoor Alps Cinema 3 non-designated seats
    Alps Cinema 4 non-designated seats
Taehwagang River National Park Outdoor Taehwa River Cinema Oct. 21(Sat)~Oct. 22(Sun) non-designated seats
Online UMFF on Air Oct. 20(Fri)~Oct. 29(Sun)  

Ticket Types and Pricing Information


Exclusive benefits available only at the Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival!
Enjoy various festival programs with the exclusive UMFF Pass.

UMFF Pass This integrated ticket allows booking of film programs + festival programs + online screenings
-Bivouac Screenings cannot be reserved using the UMFF Pass
-Limited to use by a single person
-Up to 5 sessions of Film + experiential programs can be reserved per day
-Cancellation and refunds are available only until Oct. 19(Thu) 24:00
[How to Use]
1. Purchase the UMFF Pass.
2. After completing ID verification, select films and programs to enjoy.
3. Click on “Reserve” to make instant bookings without additional payment.
4. Verify your mobile ticket.

An added bonus! With your UMFF Pass, enjoy unlimited UMFF on Air.

* If you need accessible seating, please refer to the “Accessible Seating Reservation Guide”
15,000 KRW

Film/Festival Programs

Film/Festival Ticket Tickets for films and various festival programs
Book up to 2 tickets at a time (multiple bookings allowed)
3,000 KRW
Bivouac Screening Ticket Tickets for watching films while bivouacking* at UMFF Cinema
Please bring your own sleeping bags, mats, etc. for bivouacking (No pre-erected equipment allowed)
*Bivouac: a temporary camp without tents or cover
10,000 KRW

Online Screening

Online Screening Ticket Ticket provides unlimited access to all online screenings throughout the duration of the film festival.
Pay once to gain access to all films on UMFF on Air
Upon purchase and a simple ID check, you will have unrestricted access to all online screenings until Oct. 29(Sun)
[How to use]
Purchase the online screening ticket
Watch any online screening
Re-access though a simple ID check
5,000 KRW

Booking Information

Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival offers convenient advance online booking.
The UMFF Pass and online screening ticket are available for individual purchase, with one ticket per person. Individuals may purchase up to 2 film tickets or experiential tickets at a time. If additional tickets are needed, multiple purchase sessions are allowed.
Temporary use of the Munhwa Nuri Card will be allowed during the film festival.
The Munhwa Nuri Card may be used both online and in-person.

Online booking

Booking Period 2023. Sep. 25(Mon) 14:00 ~ Oct. 29(Sun) 2023. Sep. 25(Mon) 14:00 ~ Oct. 17(Tue)
Payment Method Credit card, check card, Munhwa Nuri Card
* International card payments not accepted
Virtual Account
Booking Method Official Homepage > “Screening/Booking”

In-person Booking *Upon availability

Booking Period 2023.Oct. 20(Fri) ~ Oct. 29(Sun), From 20 minutes before the start of the program
Booking and Entry Purchase at the entrance before admission
*In-person purchases cannot be cancelled
Payment Method Credit card, check card, Munhwa Nuri Card
* International card payments not accepted

Accessible Seating Reservation Guide

  Wheelchair Accessible Seating Sign Language Interpretation Seating
Eligibility Individuals using wheelchairs who possess a disability ID card Individuals with hearing disabilities who possess a disability ID card
Availability UMFF Cinema - 20 seats for the opening and closing ceremonies (including sign language interpretation seating)
Alps Cinema 1 - 2 seats
Alps Cinema 2 - 5 seats
Other screening areas - no separate seating
UMFF Cinema - 20 seats for the opening and closing ceremonies (including Wheelchair Accessible seating)
Booking Period 2023. Sep. 25(Mon) 14:00 ~ Oct. 29(Sun)
Booking Method Same as regular seats
Note When entering the theater, please present a valid disability ID card. You may be denied entry if you do not have the card in your possession.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation and refund is available through the official UMFF website.

UMFF Pass UMFF Pass: Cancellation and refund available until Oct. 19(Thurs) 24:00
Tickets booked through UMFF Pass: Cancellation available up to 20 minutes before program begins
Online Screening Cancellation and refund available until Oct. 19(Thurs) 24:00
* Cancellation no longer available after festival opens on October 20 (Friday) regardless of viewing history
Film/Festival Tickets 2023. Sep. 25(Mon) 14:00 ~ 20 minutes before program begins
* No refunds on tickets purchased in-person
100% refund for tickets booked online
20 minutes before program begins ~ until program begins Cancellation fee is 1,000 KRW per ticket
After program begins Cancellation and refund no longer available

Important Notes

  • All film and experiential programs will begin at scheduled times. Please be mindful of others and arrive on time.
  • Both online and in-person purchases of film and experiential programs allow for a maximum of 2 tickets per person. Multiple bookings are allowed.
  • In an effort to protect the environment, paper tickets will not be issued.
  • Presenting a screenshot or photo of a mobile ticket may result in entry restrictions.
  • The online theater will feature 40 films (selected with the approval of directors and distribution companies) for unlimited viewing on PCs or mobile devices throughout the film festival’s duration.


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