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Film Program

To ensure everyone’s safety, please observe social distancing between seats, disinfection procedures and temperature checks. Various programs have been prepared, including films, performances, and Q&A sessions with festival guests.

※ 방역수칙

  • 발열 및 호흡기 증상이 있거나 방문일 14일 이내 코로나19 관련 여행력이 있는 경우 영화제 방문을 자제해 주시기 바랍니다.
    • 상영관 내 마스크 착용은 필수이며, 미착용 시 입장이 불가합니다.
    • 상영관은 좌석 간 거리두기로 운영되어 기존 좌석보다 축소 운영됩니다.
      매표 및 입장 대기 시에도 다른 사람과 거리두기를 지켜주시기 바랍니다.
    • 영화제 스태프와 자원활동가의 안내 및 진행에 적극적인 협조 부탁드립니다.

Types of theaters

Category Location
Indoor Alps Cinema 1
Alps Cinema 2
Temporary Building UMFF Cinema
Outdoor Alps Cinema 3
Alps Cinema 4
Starlight Camp

* Alps Cinema 3 is an outdoor theater to be enjoyed while wearing noise cancellation headphones.

Booking and Viewing Films

Cost 3,000 KW per ticket / purchase up to 4 tickets at once
Payment Method Online Booking credit/check card, direct deposit, mobile pay
Onsite Booking credit/check card, Ulsan Pay
Cancellation Policy ① From 2022. Mar. 8(Tue) until 20 minutes before program begins: no cancellation fees
② From 20 minutes before program begins until it begins: cancellation fee of 1,000 KW per ticket
③ After program begins / onsite purchases: no cancellations or refunds
Admission Information Online Booking ① Please have your mobile ticket QR code ready for admission
② Get your QR code checked at the door for immediate admission
Onsite Booking ① Make your purchase once admission opens for immediate admission
Admission Opening Theaters open for entry 20 minutes before films begin


  • All film and experience programs will start on time. Please be on time in consideration of others.
  • Each person can purchase up to 4 tickets for film programs or experience programs, either online or onsite.
  • Paper tickets will not be issued for the environment.


  • UMFF Service Desk 82 52 254 6459 / umff.info@gmail.com