My Green Mountain

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Playing in Nature

A time to exercise and reinvigorate mind and body in the beautiful Yeongnam Alps.

Dubbing recording screening

The Dubbing Theater is a dubbing education program presented by the UMFF and Ulsan Community Media Center. Twenty Ulsan residents work on the script adaptation and dubbing acting for 2 months to present the film.

  • Film Together Shorts 1 - Melting Heart Cake
  • Screening Apr. 3(Sat) 13:00
  • Venue Ulju Central Youth Training Center
  • After the film screening, the making video will be screening


The Yeongnam Alps Welcome Center’s climbing facility is equipped with Korea’s biggest climbing wall, and during the festival, anyone over 6 years old is welcome to give it a try.

  • Time : Apr. 3(Sat) ~ Apr. 6(Tue). 7 times a day(6 people can participate once)
  • Venue : Climbing Center
  • Registration : Mar. 10(Thu) ~ April. 11(Sun) Naver Reservation