UMFF 2021 본문

My Green Mountain

UMFF 2021  /   Greetings

UMFF Chairman
LEE Sun-ho

I would like to give a very warm welcome to all Ulju Mountain Film Festival (UMFF) fans!

A new hope embraces this spring of 2021, as we open the doors for this year’s mountain film festival.
Our festival has reached its 6th year. During those years, original films about mountains, nature, and human lives created by filmmakers from around the world pushing their limits came together to allow us to be spellbound by the unique appeal of mountain film festivals. Last year, we successfully held a safe festival despite COVID-19, solidifying our status as a leading mountain film festival. This year’s UMFF slogan is “My Green Mountain.”
Like a mountain retaining its place in the landscape, our festival will not waver in telling stories of people, nature, and life. This April in the Yeongnam Alps, we present respite and healing in the surroundings of the fresh green mountain. The key phrases connecting the films of this year’s international competition are “nostalgia”, “process”, and “my way”. There are also films that cross the boundaries of the traditional documentary form, and special films with a “will for freedom”, all ready to comfort the exhausted body and soul. We are also attempting something new. In April, we will open “film festival camping” for film lovers to enjoy films while camping together. We will become a film festival for people to become one with nature on the mountain.
We hope you enjoy the fragrant spring days amid the flowering buds and the scent of pine trees with UMFF, and send our deep gratitude and excited greetings for joining us at the festival.
Thank you.

UMFF Festival Director
BAE Chang-ho

Our film festival was held in October last year, and despite difficulties, we made strides with UMFF On Air, Drive-in UMFF and Theater Screening. From this year onward, our festival will be held in spring. A poem comes to mind when I think of spring.

Who lives there, in the southern village beyond the mountain
Wherefrom every year comes the spring breeze
Oh! The scent of azaleas in flowering April,
And the whiff of barley in the wheat ripened May
Floating on through one or all
I do so love the breeze from the southern village beyond the mountain
- Poem by KIM Dong-Hwan

This poem evokes in me memories of my childhood when I used to live in the village of Ttukseom. With my steps light and my heart fluttering with excitement, I would make my way to the first day of school through the new grass growing along the embankment, after a long and cold winter. We have all endured a tough year. It’s now time to rise high and embrace the sunshine with open arms. Come and welcome the spring of hope with the 6th Ulju Mountain Film Festival.