UMFF 2024. 9. 27 - 10. 1

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UMFF on Air

Enjoy Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival from anywhere through UMFF on Air!

* The online theater will feature 40 films (selected with the approval of directors and distribution companies) for unlimited viewing on PCs or mobile devices throughout the film festival’s duration.
* UMFF on Air is optimized for Chrome browser. We recommend using the Chrome browser for viewing screenings.
* UMFF on Air films are available in Korea only.

UMFF on Air Ticket

  • The ticket gives access to UMFF on Air screenings during the film festival.
  • Purchase UMFF on Air Ticket once for unlimited access to all films in UMFF on Air.
  • After purchasing and simple authentication, enjoy UMFF on Air anytime through Oct. 29(Sun).
Booking Period 2023. Sep. 25(Mon) 14:00 - Oct. 29(Sun)
Cost 5,000 KW
Payment Method Credit/Check card, Munhwa Nuri Card, Virtual Acoount
Cancellation Policy Cancellation and refund available through 2023. Oct. 19(Thu) 24:00
※ Cancellations no longer possible after UMFF opening date
Viewing Period 2023. Oct. 20(Fri) - Oct. 29(Sun)
Viewing Method Official Website - UMFF on Air
How to View Purchase the UMFF on Air Ticket, make authentication -> view online screenings
* Upon re-entry, make simple authentication before viewing

* Unauthorized filming and/or video capture may result in imprisonment of up to 1 year or a fine of up to 10 million KW pursuant to Article 104, item 6.

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