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One More Jump

트레일러 재생

Emanuele GEROSA

  • Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon
  • 2019
  • Korean
  • 83min
  • color
  • 다큐멘터리

Abdallah decided to leave Gaza forever to become a professional athlete in Europe. His friend and teammate Jehad dreams of leaving Palestine as well, feeling that Abdallah has made things even worse for them. One day Abdallah decides to join the main European parkour competition in Sweden. In the same days, Jehad finally receives the visa.


  • Emanuele GEROSAEmanuele GEROSA

    One More Jump won the When East Meets West Award at ESoDoc in 2016. In 2018, it was selected among the finalists in Atelier - Milano Film Network where it won the Sound Design and Mixing Award. During the last two years Emanuele has been part as a jury member in several documentary and film festivals.


  • ProducerEnrica CAPRA
  • Cast The Gaza Parkour Team
  • Cinematography Matteo DELBÒ
  • Editor Nicolò TETTAMANTI
  • Music Zeno GABAGLIO
  • Sound Adriano ALAMPI