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Summer without You

Summer without You

Asian Premiere
  • Netherlands
  • 2023
  • 15min
  • Fiction
  • color


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  • 10.20 FRI - 10.29 SUN
    온라인 상영관
  • 10.21 SAT12:00
    Umff Cinema
  • 10.26 THU17:30
    Alps Cinema 3


​Julie is going camping with her little brother and her mother, however, without her father who she misses a lot. Her parents are separated now, and she has to get used to this new reality. But it turns out Julie is not the only one; at the one-parent campground in France, all the children have the same experience. Her new vacation friends help Julie look at the divorce through new glasses.


[Willemijn Cerutti, impact producer]

Attention is paid to these youth documentaries in various ways. Screenings are organized for and in schools. After the film, young people will work with a Spoken Word artist to express their feelings and experiences about divorce through language. 



Milou Gevers

​Milou Gevers graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2020 with the documentary Why Didn't You Stay for Me?. The film won various awards from numerous festivals. And in February 2023 she won the ECFA Documentary Award. 


Willemijn Cerutti
Jaap Diemel
Emma Mandjes