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Earth the New Mars

Earth the New Mars

International Premiere
  • UK, Italy
  • 2022
  • 40min
  • Documentary
  • color


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  • 10.20 FRI - 10.29 SUN
    온라인 상영관
  • 10.23 MON19:00
    Alps Cinema 4
  • 10.25 WED10:30
    Alps Cinema 2


Following the Perseverance Rover space mission launched by the NASA Exploration Program in July 2020, to monitor the geology and the past climate on planet Mars, a group of Martian astronauts launch mission Mercy to study the geology and climate on planet Earth. 


[Jinna Lee, Programmer]

Devoid of the satire and humor from Icemeltland Park, the director reimagines the Mars Exploration Prep Team's Earth climate change research in this found-footage film, objectifying our crisis by offering a unique perspective from space to view the Earth. 



Liliana Colombo

Liliana Colombo is a filmmaker based in London. After working as an editor and visual effects artist in the United States, she started her film practice that has led many of her works to be presented and awarded at numerous international festivals. 


Liliana Colombo
Liliana Colombo
Liliana Colombo