UMFF 2024. 9. 27 - 10. 1

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The Green Green Pyramid

The Green Green Pyramid

Asian Premiere
  • Thailand
  • 2022
  • 23min
  • Documentary
  • color


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  • 10.20 FRI - 10.29 SUN
    온라인 상영관
  • 10.23 MON17:30
    Alps Cinema 3


This is a story about two Thai climber challenging the climbing route 'Sailor Moon'. Gee and Tung set out to fulfill their dream of conquering 'Sailor Moon', located on a green pyramid-shaped mountain in Thailand. However, both lost their jobs during the COVID19 pandemic and had to find new jobs to earn money for their climbing trip. 


*Oct, 23rd(Mon) UMFF Talk 'Youth is my weapon, as of 2023, the story of young Asian climbers'(Korean)​

Speaker Lee Jae-ho(Snowleopard _Korea)

Date/Time Oct. 23(Mon) 17:30 *UMFF Talk will be set after the screening

Venue Alps Cinema 3​​ 


[Jinna Lee, Programmer​]

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, young climbing lovers ventured on a quest to find their satisfaction by developing their own courses. These young people chose not frustration but innovation, forging their path forward with the essence of youth and its spirit.



Tony Cheung

Tony Cheung is a documentary filmmaker, was based in Yangshuo, China, he has spent a lot of time on rock climbing. He has made 6 short films about Chinese rock climbers documentary. He enjoys to make short films and also try to become stronger on rock climbing. 


Tony Cheung
Jakkapan (Gee) Seisuwan, Warrawit (Tung) Pinwattanakul
Tony Cheung