UMFF 2024. 9. 27 - 10. 1

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Air Karakoram

Air Karakoram

Asian Premiere
  • France
  • 2023
  • 44min
  • Documentary
  • color


Coming Soon
  • 10.20 FRI - 10.29 SUN
    온라인 상영관
  • 10.22 SUN16:30
    Alps Cinema 2


Seven friends came up with a creative idea to travel to Pakistan and enjoy paragliding, trekking, and skiing in the Himalayas. The plan is simple, the paraglider allows you to reach the high mountains and from there it only remains to have fun. It is also the way to try to break the paragliding altitude world record. 


[Jinna Lee, Programmer​]

Antoine paraglided over Broad Peak 5 years ago, documenting the adventure in his film 8000+. This time, he goes on a new challenge of flying over the Karakoram with 6 friends, capturing panoramic views during their descent through the Himalayan wilderness. 



Antoine Girard

Professional sportsman for 20 years and filmmaker for 8 years, passionate about sports documentaries made in action. 


Girard Antoine