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Counting Stars

Counting Stars


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  • 10.23 MON19:30
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.24 TUE19:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.26 THU19:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.27 FRI19:30
    Alps Cinema 3


Learn about the movements of the universe and constellations, observe for yourself the moon and constellations in the autumn night sky, and listen to the stories they hold. Joined by the astronomy club ASTRAL of Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology.



​​■ ​​​Date/Time : 10. 23(Mon), 10. 27(Fri) 19:30, 10. 24(Tue), 10. 26(Thu) 19:00

​​■ ​​​Venue : Alps Cinema 3, 3F Mountain House

​​■ ​​​Duration : 1 hour 30min

​​■ ​​​Participation : 20people​



- Temperature drops in the mountains at night, so please bring warm jackets.



- This program is organized by the astronomy club ASTRAL of Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology. It is planned and operated independently by students, and needs your active participation for success. 

- Please note that visibility of certain celestial bodies (constellations, planets, etc.) may be affected by weather conditions. 



- Explanation of Constellations and Simple Telescope Making(40min) : A brief explanation will be given about the constellations visible in the autumn night sky and methods of observing celestial bodies. We will be making a simple, portable telescope to observe constellations from anywhere. 

- Experience Celestial Observation Through Telescopes(50min) : Observe celestial bodies in the autumn night sky using specialized equipment such as equatorial refracting telescopes and equatorial reflecting telescopes. 


🌟 Heavenly Bodies

- Saturn : The sixth planet from the Sun in the solar system. It’s recognized for its two distinct rings. 

- Jupitor : The fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in the solar system. Its largest natural satellites (e.g. Europa, Io) are visible from Earth. 

- Polar Star : The star closest to the North Pole. It’s located at the tip of the tail in the constellation Ursa Minor.

- Cassiopeia : A notable indicator for finding the North Star. It is most visible during the autumn season. 

- Perseus Double Cluster : Two stars located approximately 6,800 and 7,600 light-years away from Earth. Known since ancient times because of the brightness of the stars and close proximity between the two star clusters.

- Pegasus : One of the stars forming the “Autumn Square,” denoting the four brightest celestial objects in autumn. 




As the only astronomical observation club affiliated with UNIST, we have been active for 15 years since UNIST’s founding in 2009. We organize public observation sessions every year to bring the entire community together for observation. We also engage in astronomy-related lessons for elementary, middle and high school students through programs at the Dream Campus and the Youth Training Center. 


  • 사단법인 울주세계산악영화제
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