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UMFF Tea Meditation

UMFF Tea Meditation


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  • 10.23 MON14:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.24 TUE14:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.25 WED14:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.26 THU14:00
    Alps Cinema 3
  • 10.27 FRI14:00
    Alps Cinema 3


Gaze into yourself through yoga movements in the midst of the beautiful mountains. Experience the wakefulness of this moment through Dado, Korean tea ceremony. Discover the serenity within you through this tea meditation. A time to quietly drink tea while surr​ounded by nature, a peaceful​ time for introspection. 



■ ​Date/Time : 10. 23(Mon) ~ 10. 27(Fri) 14:00

​■ ​Venue : Alps Cinema 3

​■ ​Duration : 1hr 30 min

​■ ​Participation : 8 people​




- Please dress in comfortable attire that allows for easy movement, such as activewear and sneakers.

- Feel free to bring your personal yoga mat. 



- Teacups and yoga mats will be available to rent.



- Yoga Meditation(30min) : Give your body plenty of time to warm up and relax. Observe and explore your body through movement and stillness. 

- Korean Tea Ceremony(30min) : Engage all the five senses as you brew and sip your tea, to experience the wakefulness of this moment. 

- Tea Meditation(30min) : This is a time to recognize the tranquility within us through silence.





A yoga studio in the Ulsan area that provides experiences of inner tranquility, patience, and compassion through meditation, yoga, and tea. Offers various programs including aroma therapy, outdoor yoga, and tea meditation. 


  • 사단법인 울주세계산악영화제
  • 사업자등록번호 190-82-00143
  • 대표자 이순걸

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