UMFF 2024. 9. 27 - 10. 1

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Korean Wave

This year’s Korean Wave section includes 4 feature films and 10 short films under the theme, “From You, To You.” All 14 films have garnered attention from prestigious film festivals and critics over the past year, showcasing our sensibilities and reflections on Korean independent cinema. Each of the 14 unique films captures our coexistence, looking toward one another and seeking connections. The camera gazes, observes, and engages persistently and meticulously both up close and from afar, capturing the familiar and the unfamiliar alike. The familiar includes intimate family members who can be a source of both strength and occasional burden, while the unfamiliar introduces strangers who appear foreign and strange. These films, stemming from encounters with strangers and landscapes, are not only from you, but also to you. We hope that these films, born from you, can touch you and become a source of strength to you.

Park Hye-mi, Programmer